This phrase was the inspiration behind the church name, taken from a hymn written in the late 1800's by Jessie Pound and Charles Gabriel. Cross Way Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental Baptist Church, founded in 1987. The first service was held on March 7, 1987 with twenty people in attendance. The church began in the auditorium of a local San Carlos Park school before moving to a small storefront space.

"The Way of the Cross Leads Home"

     In 1993, God blessed abundantly, opening the door for the church to purchase ten acres of local property that already contained a small vacant church building. Cross Way continued God's ministry in South Fort Myers, adding a new entry covering and steeple, a paved parking lot, cleared recreational fields, and two modular buildings for offices, classrooms and a nursery. In 2005, God continued to bless and construction of a new sanctuary and maintenance building were undertaken. In April, 2006, God blessed again and weekly services were held in a wonderful, new building. In March of 2007, Cross Way celebrated twenty years of God's wondrous blessing and service in South Fort Myers.